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Crown Solutions Ltd began its ambitious journey in 2013 with a vision to encourage and facilitate clean and "green" commercial environment. The company carries a glories history of providing cutting-edge engineering solutions and content engineering to a wide spectrum of industries worldwide. Today, Crown Solutions has emerged as a leading environmental friendly electrical solution provider. The innovative products by the firm enable commercial establishments to reduce their carbon footprints.

The company is committed to enabling its clients to improve their ROI with the wide range of environment-friendly products and service which involve electrical products, Automation, ICT (Technology solutions), Mechanical & Machinery, Fire Safety & Security and also overall safety and protection. The company also has a strong focus on training, development and up-skilling the staff members.

Benefits to our prestigious clients and partners -

  • Compaction of Design
  • Industry expertise in our field
  • Customized, cost-effective solutions as per your requirements
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Committed and enthusiastic staff to help you at every level


To be one-stop-shop and top partner for cutting-edge engineering solutions, that promote the safe and green commercial environment.


To continue providing innovative engineering solutions which enable our clients to increase their ROI without harming the environment?

Comapny Profile

Our Core Values

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Our company culture is based on strong core values which were developed right from the beginning of our journey and is inculcated among our employees. These core values bind our company members, guide our conduct in daily routine and also our decision making processes.


For us, the trust of our clients, partners and other stakeholders are very important. We deliver what we promise, and we deliver it with best out our efforts and intentions.


Every promise and commitment made at Crown Solutions is backed with our long term business vision. With the sharp focus to provide sustainable solutions, we constantly upgrade technology, systems and staff members.

Flexibility (Gearing)

Crown Solutions provides leading-edge engineering solutions, including product development, and life-cycle support, process, network, and content engineering to major organizations worldwide.

Informed Decision Making (Capability)

Crown Solutions have a robust design and research team that diligently integrates science, engineering, and customer requirement. We develop systems basis many relevant factors found at the research stage.


With rich experience in innovative product conceptualization and creating a market for innovative products, Crown Solutions has garnered in-depth understanding and knowledge on market dynamics that impact a business. This knowledge helps us in the decision-making process and we believe in sharing these insights with our clients and partners.

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